Indulge yourself in a culinary experience

Experience food in a different way. Authentic and local. Prepared in a modern way. Seasoned with the Mediterranean. Enjoy the colourfulness of Istrian tapas. Feel excited about a sweet delicacy with sea salt. Treat yourself to a detox with the Mediterranean diet. Enjoy the romantic view of the sea. Served with a smile. Because we value you.

Are you ready for more?

Food is not just food for us. It is the path to health and well-being. It restores vitality and ensures long life. It’s relaxing. Calming. Inspiring. It pampers you. Let us show you the power of food and eating in a different way. With a note of the Mediterranean, influenced by Indian Ayurveda, the knowledge of experts and the sweetness of Slovenian Istria.

Mediterranean cuisine

Would you like to feel better? Introduce healthy eating habits into your daily life and improve your health. We will help you. We will teach you. The Mediterranean diet is not just a slimming diet. It is a way of life that brings long-term lifestyle changes — for the better.

Ayurvedic Detox Diet

Toxic substances build up in your body day after day. The culprit? An unhealthy lifestyle combined with inadequate nutrition. With a diet based on Ayurvedic principles, pranayama yoga and Ayurvedic treatments, we will help you cleanse your body. Efficiently. Fill it with new energy. Take care of your inner balance.

Children’s cuisine

Does your child persistently refuse to eat a certain type of food? Often, it is vegetables. Sometimes, it is meat or something else. During the phase of growth and development, children need an energetic and nutritionally balanced diet. But don’t worry. Our cooking masters know how to do magic. They prepare fun, and above all healthy and local culinary masterpieces that children love. See for yourself.

Natural desserts and ice cream

We have a special surprise for those of you with a sweet tooth. Can you image desserts with flavours of the Mediterranean? Local produce such as olive oil, nuts, basil, sea salt etc., give desserts a unique stamp. A taste that you will not forget for a long time. Let yourself be surprised. Pleasantly. Come visit us in the cosy atmosphere of Café Central. Because you deserve to be pampered. Perfect and healthy.

Istrian market

Sometimes, the taste remains. For a long time. On occasion, it happens that we discover a culinary corner that completely disarms us. Softens the knees. Provokes a smile. A constant smile. Have you ever longed to take a flavour away with you? You can. In the market in the centre of the bistro. Here you can buy products that are used to prepare excellent dishes in the Istrian bistro & Tapas bar. Sourced locally. Herbs, oils, salts, home-made lavender syrup and more ...

This is the world of healthy pleasures.

Enter it and finally start to feel great. We will help you.

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